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PayrollPlus processes, ensures, and pays the salaries of your employees and freelancers.


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The only complete solution for SMEs and freelancers to free themselves from the administrative burden of payroll, insurance, and AHV.

Instead of paying salaries directly to employees and freelancers, the total costs are transferred to the Swiss payroll platform. This platform:

Our payroll platform has completely simplified the highly complex issue of payroll for everyone.

With our unique business model, not only companies and freelancers save a significant number of working hours annually, but also insurers, trustees, and the AHV, because:


  • we insure, process, and pay the salaries of your freelancers and employees.

  • you don’t need to have your own insurance (UVG, KTG, BVG).

  • you don’t have to pay AHV and withholding tax bills yourself.


Would you like to be liberated from the administrative burden of payroll, insurance, and AHV as well?

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«As game-changers, we revolutionize payroll administration. We are pioneers in providing employment solutions for freelancers and payroll administration solutions for SMEs

We have completely simplified the highly complex payroll administration for SMEs and the employment of freelancers and employees – what may sound utopian is made possible by our digital payroll platform.

By transferring the total payroll costs to us, all tasks related to salaries, including payroll accounting, employee insurance, AHV contributions, and withholding tax, are handled for you.

Advantages of PayrollPlus

We have been passionately committed to you every day for over 30 years.

  • Payroll Platform

    Digital & personal

  • Multiple contract models

    Unique employment solutions in Switzerland

  • Inexpensive

    Only 1-3% costs

  • Salary Calculator

    Self-developed & transparent - everything calculated with 4 clicks

  • Salary Payment

    daily within 24 hours

  • Service

    Competent & multilingual customer service

  • swiss-wide

    Processed of payroll sum: CHF 100,000,000

  • Origin

    Independent Swiss company

  • Security

    Approved by OASI contribution office

Would you like to be liberated from the administrative burden of payroll, insurance, and AHV as well?

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What our clients and social partners say about us

«Top speed and top advice. It took Mrs Moser less than an hour from the first contact through data acquisition to the first customer invoice – you wont find this anywhere else.»

Beat BühlmannFreelancer

«Fast, reliable, resilient, customer-centered, enjoyable to work with!»

Sebastian RappenFreelancer

«"Flexicurity" – this word construction reflects a recipe for success in Switzerland: «fexibility» in the labor market providing broad protection for all employees thanks to social «security». PayrollPlus offers new food for thought over and over again." »

Andreas DummermuthManaging Director AK Schwyz

«Friendly and very professional team, excellent support, easy cooperation. Highly recommend. I will definitely work with this company in the future!»

Dawid GrzadzielFreelancer

«Confirms the PayrollPlus models and describes PayrollPlus as a "valuable and meaningful institution".»

Ueli KieserProf. Dr. iur., Attorney-at-Law

«Excellent service and very friendly and helpful approach.»

Miroslav KovacFreelancer

«Quick, uncomplicated, friendly and competent. Thank you»

Beat LingenhagConsultant

«PayrollPlus have been excellent. The best payroll company that I ever had. They always pay latest 2 working days after submission regardless of what date of the month. Larissa Moser from start to finish supported me 100% with her clear detailed and transparent explanations on every relevant topic. I could not have asked for more. Thank you. Highly recommended.»

John PickettFreelancer

«Excellent. Very easy to work with. Fast, friendly, highly responsive and super helpful.»

Melissa RowenFreelancer

«I have been using the PayrollPlus services for my Management Consultant activities for over a year. Both my personal and professional experiences as well as those of my customers have, so far, been extremely satisfactory and professional. The employees were always accommodating, uncomplicated and proactive as well as uniquely friendly. In addition, I, as a Freelancer, and my clients have clearly noticed the constant progress and innovation.»


In this video, the CEOs of Swiss companies explain in just 2 minutes why you no longer have to calculate salaries yourself. They discuss how to use the unique payroll platform and how it creates real relief for office management.

Modern, legally compliant, straightforward, and incredibly time, stress, and cost-saving.