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Salaries done simply and securely.

We have developed an all-in-one digital payroll platform to take care of all the work related to salaries for you. Including insurance, employment contracts and labour law issues.

PayrollPlus founded in 1989

Best value for money of only 1-3% of payroll costs.

Digitalisation makes it possible. It is no longer up-to-date to hire a trustee, insurance advisor or lawyer for routine work.

With just 4 clicks in our salary calculator, you can calculate the total salary costs.

You transfer this amount to PayrollPlus and we pay the salaries, as well as OASI and insurance contributions.
As simple as TWINT but for your salary payments. 


  • We pay the salary, so you benefit from our favourable collective insurances (daily sickness allowance, accident insurance, pension fund).
  • Depending on the employment model, you can keep your own insurances.

  • OASI contributions, child allowances and any withholding taxes are also settled and paid by us.

What makes PayrollPlus so special?

Salaries have been our great passion for over 30 years. We are the only company in Switzerland to offer two newly developed contract models (PayrollPlus Flex and Smart) including online tools in addition to staff leasing. Take advantage of our free consultation, we will find the right solution for everything to do with salaries.

  • Everything from one source

    Salary payment, insurance, labour law

  • Only 1-3% payroll costs

    Digitalisation makes it possible

  • Unique online tools

    For orders from freelancers and salaries from companies and private individuals

  • Transparent salary calculator

    Calculates total salary costs with 4 clicks

  • Individual pension fund

    Basic, supplementary or individual solution

  • No routine work anymore

    We pay salaries daily and take care of everything from A-Z

How it works

  • Free non-binding consultation

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  • Register with PayrollPlus

    We take care of the contracts, work permits, insurances, payment of salaries, etc.

  • Ready.

    You no longer have to worry about anything.

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Who profits from the PayrollPlus solution?

Who cannot take advantage of the solutions by PayrollPlus?

Who cannot process his/her own salary through PayrollPlus:

  • Self-employed (sole proprietorship) who do not want to invoice their clients through PayrollPlus
    reason: Cashlow is required to be immediate with PayrollPlus and not with the sole proprietorship.
  • Self-employed (sole proprietorship) with goods purchase/sales
    reason: Because billing goods purchase/sale is not possible with PayrollPlus
  • Self-employed (sole proprietorship) with mostly private customers and turn around below 100’000.
    reason: Technically it is possible, but VAT 7.7% is owed since the turn around of PayrollPlus is relevant and not the turnaround of the sole proprietorship.

All employees (staff) of a sole proprietorship can be payrolled with PayrollPlus. PayrollPlus sends an invoice with the total salary costs of the employee to the sole proprietorship.

Which employment cannot be processed with PayrollPlus:

  • Subject to approval care staff by private households (doctor’s prescribed care)
    reason: This care is subject to approval by the state and cannot be processed with PayrollPlus.
  • Employment of individuals that are not EU citizens
    reason: PayrollPlus cannot file a work permit application for individuals not holding an EU citizenship.
  • Employment of individuals who do not work in Switzerland and live abroad.
    reason: The law of the country the individual resides in is applicable not the Swiss law.
  • Employment of individuals, who work abroad at the very beginning of their employment for a short time.
    reason: PayrollPlus can only file a dispatch application, if the individual has been employed fo a minimum of one month.

Regardless of the contract model, we pay the salary.

Take advantage of our free consultation to find the right model for you.

Switzerland's unique online tool for freelancers

  • Freelancers, contractors and consultants can invoice their assignments via PayrollPlus and receive their salaries from us.
    • Companies and private individuals can pay salaries via PayrollPlus and receive an invoice from us with the total salary costs of the employees incl. OASI and insurance premiums, etc.

Salary payment and social security have never been easier.



What isn't PayrollPlus?

Our service goes further than the standard


The trustee processes the salaries for you. However, you have to take care of insurance, labour law, employment contracts and salary payments yourself.


Insurance consultants will sell you individual insurance policies, but depending on your state of health or other factors, you may be turned down. You have to take care of salary payments, payroll accounting, employment contracts and labour law yourself. This is no longer up to date.

Business Software

Bexio, Klara etc. offer online business software as a tool for the company’s own accounting. However, you have to take care of insurances, labour law, employment contracts yourself.


All these services and much more combined on our platform

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There is nothing more valuable than a personal recommendation.

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What our clients say about us

«Friendly and very professional team, excellent support, easy cooperation. Highly recommend. I will definitely work with this company in the future!»

Dawid G.Freelancer

«Excellent. Very easy to work with. Fast, friendly, highly responsive and super helpful.»

Melissa R.Freelancer

«PayrollPlus have been excellent. The best payroll company that I ever had. They always pay latest 2 working days after submission regardless of what date of the month. Larissa Moser from start to finish supported me 100% with her clear detailed and transparent explanations on every relevant topic. I could not have asked for more. Thank you. Highly recommended.»

John P.Freelancer

«Fast, reliable, resilient, customer-centered, enjoyable to work with!»

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Satisfied clients

Tasks that are covered by PayrollPlus

These are included in our service fee.


Salary negotiations
Sickness daily allowance
Pension fund
Accident insurance
Work/resident permit
Salary slips
Salary payments
Child allowance
Withholding taxes
Register accidents and illness
Holiday calculation for entries/exits
Interim earning statements
Employment confirmation
Salary tax statements
Information about employment law
Short time work registration/calculation
Yearly billing OASI/CBA
Yearly billing sickness daily allowance and accident ins.
Yearly billing pension fund