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About PayrollPlus

PayrollPlus, founded in 1989, is the pioneer when it comes to innovative employment models

History of PayrollPlus


Edgar Weber founded the Fair-Play personnel consultancy and very successfully worked in the personnel hire and placement business for 25 years.


He realised that not only the world of work but also the labour market was changing. There was namely a rapidly growing need for flexible work models (freelancers, part-time, on-call, etc.). He recognised the high growth potential and took up the challenge of filling this gap in the market with innovative business ideas.


He changed his business model from traditional personnel hire to a start-up company offering payroll services. At the same time, he changed the company name to PayrollPlus AG, by which it is still is known. He and his equally energetic and enthusiastic team continually develop innovative solutions for the social and legal protection of freelancers, SMEs, start-ups and private households.

The experience and know-how gained over the years were incorporated into the new business model. Traditional knowledge in personnel leasing was successfully combined with new, unique employment models. The first automatic all-in-one salary payment solution including personal insurance and OASI accounting was also developed, thereby digitizing the salary payment process. By using our payroll system, everyone is automatically connected to our group insurance (accident, daily sickness benefit and pension fund) without age or health restrictions and benefits accordingly from advantageous premium rates.

Insurance protection lasts as long as our service is used and salaries are settled through us. In other words, there are no minimum terms. At the end of the year, you do not have to create wage reports for the OASI or payroll statements. PayrollPlus handles any claims reports in the event of accident and illness and any interim earnings and employer certificates. With PayrollPlus you save an enormous amount of time and, due to the fixed fee of 3%, have complete cost transparency at all times.


In November 2018 PayrollPlus presents the first ever online tool for freelancers, contractors and consultants. Never before was social security and invoicing clients any easier.

Today 2020

The start-up company has become an extremely successful, profitable company with annual growth rates of over 70% and ambitions to become a unicorn start-up. PayrollPlus AG is considered the pioneer in new employment models and all-in-one wage payment solutions.

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We would like to support our community and therefore we are listed as re-integration company. We support disabled people to get back into worklife after an accident/illness.

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