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Our vision

We want to relieve people from all the work related to salaries. The digital salary platform including salary payment and insurance cover should become the standard.

You would like to pay a salary for yourself or an employee

What options do you have?

  • You do more than 20 tasks yourself

    Purchase of a salary programme, get information about OASI accounting, child allowances, withholding tax, etc., conclusion of all kinds of insurances and acquisition of knowledge about labour law.

  • Hire a trustee/fiduciary

    This will cost you at least CHF 250 per hour. Insurance must concluded yourself and labour law information must be obtained and paid for additionally.

  • You choose PayrollPlus

    We take care of everything to do with salaries, including insurance and labour law. Transfer the total salary costs to us and we will pay the salaries, OASI and insurance contributions from it.

Through our partnership with Bexio, you get your first payslip for free!

Digitalisation makes it possible. It is no longer up-to-date to hire a trustee, insurance advisor or lawyer for routine work.

With just 4 clicks in our salary calculator, you can calculate the total salary costs.

You transfer this amount to PayrollPlus and we pay the salaries, as well as OASI and insurance contributions.
As simple as TWINT but for your salary payments. 

  • We pay the salaries, so you benefit from our favourable collective insurances.

  • You no longer have to conclude your own insurances (accident, daily sickness allowance, pension fund).

  • OASI/AHV contributions, child allowances and any withholding tax are also settled and paid by us.

How it works

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    Together with us you will find your suitable PayrollPlus model

  • Register with us

    We take care of the contracts, work permits, insurance, payment of salaries, etc.

  • Done.

    You no longer have to worry about anything

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