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Employment models

Solutions to fit your needs

The simple employment models of PayrollPlus

Regardless which one of our employment models you use for internal/external employees, freelancers, contractors, consultants, etc. PayrollPlus pays the salaries and on boards everyone to the collective insurances (daily sickness allowance, accident insurance, occupational pension. OASI contributions, family allowances, withholding taxes etc. are paid by PayrollPlus.


The conventional staff leasing & two innovative PayrollPlus models

Please chose your prefered contract model.
Please note the different agreements that need to be fulfilled for each contract model.


Staff leasing
(AVG, staff leasing law)
PayrollPlus Flex
Contract/service contract (Code of Obligations)
PayrollPlus Smart
Transfer of your contract (OR)
Focus is on the settlement of hours workedFocus is on the fulilment of the contractYou wish to use your own contracts
Duration and level of employmentare guaranteedare not guaranteedare guaranteed in your own contract
Salary/remunerationis guranteed by youfor performance of the contract/service contract is agreed between you and contractoris agreed in your own contract
Right to issue
lies with the deployment companylies with contractor, not youlies with you
Employment contractbetween you and PayrollPlus in accordance with Art. 19 AVG (staff leasing law)on commission between PayrollPlus & contractorbetween you and employee
Adherence to labor
by PayrollPlusby PayrollPlusby you
Contract confirmation/agreementmust be signed by you in accordance with Art. 22 AVG (staff leasing law)between you and contractorbetween you & PayrollPlus. PayrollPlus handles salary payments, insurance, OASI/ALV deductions
Credit checkYour company is in Switzerland
you must be solventYour company is abroad
deposit to cover the salary costs
none, contractor can use the PayrollPlus online tool to send invoicesnone
Notice periods
  • 2 days from 1st to 3rd month
  • 7 days from 4th to 6th month
  • 1 month from 7th month

longer notice periods are possible

  • as agreed between you contractor
  • between PayrollPlus & contractor, 2 days in trial period, then 1 month
based on own contract, but at least in accordance with CO/NAV/CBA
Trial periods3 months3 months3 months
Value-added taxyes on total invoice amountyes on total invoice amountno on salary costs, yes on PayrollPlus fees
Payment of salarywithin 2 working days of receipt of approved timesheet, automatically on 25th for monthly salarywithin 2 days of receipt of payment from clientwithin 2 days of receipt of our payment, on 25th for monthly salarie

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