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PayrollPlus Smart

The clever all-in-one solution

Are you done with the painstaking tasks of OASI- and salary declaration, daily sickness allowance and pension fund?

PayrollPlus simplified and automated the payment process with the first ever all-in-one salary payment solution

  • Automatic insurance cover for employees

    (Accident- and daily sickness allowance, pension fund)

  • OASI declaration

    managed by PayrollPlus

  • Salary payment & declaration of all social contributions

PayrollPlusSmart With only 3% Payrollplus costs we take care of everything

PayrollPlus represents the employer position towards the insurances

As the salary payments are transferred from our bank account, all the staff is automatically on-boarded (irrespective of its age) to our collective insurance agreements (daily sickness allowance, accident insurance, pension fund). On top PayrollPlus manages the OASI- declaration and all personnel administration needs.

Your company remains lawful employer towards staff and work right law

You conclude the work contract directly with your staff. In a special agreement you instruct PayrollPlus with the management of the salary payments for your staff.

PayrollPlus processes the salaries, issues the payslip and provides the annual tax revenue salary statement.

Your benefits with PayrollPlus Smart

Calculate employee total costs

The existing practice requires enormous efforts Save valuable time with PayrollPlus

18 tasks with existing practice

  • conclude general conditions with staff (salary, workload, etc.)
  • issue work contract
  • take out insurances (sick day allowance, accident insurance, pension fund)
  • file application for foreign staff
  • issue salary pay slip
  • process salary payment
  • apply for family allowance
  • apply and process withholding tax
  • annual OASI declaration and remaining social contributions partner (CBA, etc.)
  • annual declaration of daily sickness allowance and accident insurance
  • annual declaration of pension fund contributions
  • Registration of accidents and sick leave with the insurance
  • holiday allowance calculation for intrayear on- and off boarding, partime staff
  •  >Interims earning statement: complete form
  •  Employer statement required for RAV
  • Applications for EO (maternity, military, etc.)
  • issue annual tax revenue salary statement
  • work law related questions (CBA, termination, benefits, etc.)

New Model PayrollPlusSmart 2 tasks only:

  • enroll staff with PayrollPlus
  • Pay invoices to PayrollPlus

Procedure PayrollPlus Smart

  • You agree the framework details with your employee

    Salary, degree of employment, contract duration etc.

  • You issue your own employment contract and inform PayrollPlus about the details

    Please mention in the contract the following: Salary payments, insurances and social contributions will be delegated to PayrollPlus.

  • PayrollPlus issues a registration confirmation

    Within this confirmation, PayrollPlus guarantees to process all payments and will make the salary payment to the employee as well the social contributions.

  • Salary payment to your employees

    Your employee will receive the salary within two days of receipt of payment from your client. (preferable the monthly salaries are paid by the 25th)

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