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Staff leasing

The conventional contract model

You have external employees, freelancers, contractors, consultants which you do not want to hire yourself?

When this staff is generally integrated in your company, then staff leasing is the right thing for you.

Requirements for the staff leasing contracts According to Swiss AVG you have to guarantee the following to the staff:

You have to  guarantee the following:

  • Duration of the contract
  • Salary (hourly, daily, monthly)
  • Degree of employment (ex. 8h per week, 4 days per week, 8 days in total, etc.)
  • The sole right to issue instructions and liability for damage is with your company
  • You have to sign an order confirmation with PayrollPlus

Your company is required to pass a solvenity check with PayrollPlus in order to be permitted to conclude staff leasing agreements.

Benefits of staff leasing with PayrollPlus

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How it works

  • You agree the framework details with your employee

    Salary/invoice amount (hourly, daily, monthly) contract duration and degree of employment.

  • PayrollPlus issues an order confirmation for your company

    You have to sign and stamp the order confirmation and return it to PayrollPlus. If you do not use company stamps, we will need an ID/passport copy of the signing parties in order to identify the signatures.

  • PayrollPlus runs a credit check on your company

    We can only enter into a staff leasing contract if your company is solvent and creditworthy.
    If the credit rate is not sufficient or your company is abroad, we will request a deposit payment in order to cover the debt risk of your notice period.

  • Your employee will receive an employment contract from PayrollPlus

  • Salary payment

    PayrollPlus pays the salary within two working days as soon as we received an approved timesheet for your employee. Monthly salaries are automatically paid on the 25th. Please be aware that the timesheet can only be processed with proper approval of your company.

  • PayrollPlus issues the invoice for your company

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