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Salary payments, staff insurance and OASI declaration/payment for internal and external staff

3% PayrollPlus costs

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Directly to the full calculation?

For the employment and settlement of employees, freelancers, contractors, consultants, etc.
There is no need for an administrative payroll solution in order to prepare salary lists or to conclude personnel insurances. 

PayrollPlus offers the all-in-one solution for personnel insurance, salary payment and OASI declaration

 It’s supposed to be easy: With our 30 years of experience we were able to automate the salary payment process to offer you an easy all-in-one solution including daily sickness and accident allowance, individual pension solutions, tasks regarding salary payment as well as settlements with every social partner (e.g. OASI)

 It’s supposed to be transparent: Your confidence comes first.  Our online salary calculator offers you the possibility to calculate your salary including eligible pension solutions within seconds. Unpleasant negotiations, non-transparent insurances and vague pricing is outdated.

 It’s supposed to be fast: Regardless of how you contact us or submit us your details, we are able to adapt to your needs. Salary payments are paid daily which offers you great flexibility.


Your benefits with PayrollPlus

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PayrollPlus Smart You are looking for a way to outsource salary payment, staff insurance and OASI contributions

Conclude your own employment contracts with your employees

  • You are the legal employer of the employees
  • Based on your order, PayrollPlus pays the salary to your employees
  • The employees are registered for our collective insurance agreements (sickday daily allowance, accident insurance, pensions fund)
  • OASI contributions are paid by PayrollPlus

It’s possible to outsource the employer’s duties

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PayrollPlus Flex contract model You have contractors – consultants who execute an order/service contract for you.

Conclude contracts/service contracts with your external contractors

PayrollPlus sends you the invoice for the work of the external contractors in order to avoid false self-employment.

  • PayrollPlus concludes a commission-based contract with the contractors
  • The sole right for instructions lies with the contractor, not you
  • PayrollPlus pays the salary to the contractor after all necessary social security contributions
  • The contractors are registered for the collective insurance agreements of PayrollPlus (sickness daily allowance, accident insurance, pension fund)
  • OASI contributions are paid by PayrollPlus

It has never been easier to engage contractors

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Staff leasing employment model Hire employees within the conventional staff leasing model adhering to AVG (Staff Leasing Law)

PayrollPlus concludes an employment contract with the employees and a staff leasing contract with your company.

  • PayrollPlus covers the employer obligations
  • You have the sole right to issue instructions for the employees
  • PayrollPlus pays the salary to the employees
  • The employees will automatically be registered for the collective insurance agreements of PayrollPlus (daily sickness allowance, accident insurance, pension fund)
  • OASI contributions are paid by PayrollPlus

Easily employ people through PayrollPlus

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What's special about PayrollPlus?

We are the pioneer when it comes to innovative employment models and are a key player of the new work movement in todays work environment.

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Unique online tool for freelancer
  • Only 3% PayrollPlus fee
  • Transparent salary calculator
  • Individual pension solution
  • Daily salary payment

Freelancers, contractors and consultants are non-existent within the meaning of Swiss law

In Switzerland and its surrounding countries, the definition of a freelancer does not exist within the law.

‘Employ freelancers – but the right way, through PayrollPlus!’



Feedback from our clients

«Fast, reliable, resilient, customer-centered, enjoyable to work with!»

Sebastian R.Freelancer

«Friendly and very professional team, excellent support, easy cooperation. Highly recommend. I will definitely work with this company in the future!»

Dawid G.Freelancer

«Excellent. Very easy to work with. Fast, friendly, highly responsive and super helpful.»

Melissa R.Freelancer

«PayrollPlus have been excellent. The best payroll company that I ever had. They always pay latest 2 working days after submission regardless of what date of the month. Larissa Moser from start to finish supported me 100% with her clear detailed and transparent explanations on every relevant topic. I could not have asked for more. Thank you. Highly recommended.»

Satisfied clients

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