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Switzerlands digital salary platform for companies

Salaries done simply and securely

Total cost employee

Directly to the full calculation?

Do you pay wages? Do you employ freelancers/contractors? 

In order to relieve you of all work related to salaries, including insurances and employment contracts, we have developed a digital salary platform.

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You would like to pay a salary to someone

What options do you have?

  • You do more than 20 tasks yourself

    Purchase of a salary programme, get information about OASI accounting, child allowances, withholding tax, etc., conclusion of all kinds of insurances and acquisition of knowledge about labour law.

  • You hire a trustee/fiduciary

    This will cost you at least CHF 250 per hour. Insurance must concluded yourself and labour law information must be obtained and paid for additionally.

  • You choose PayrollPlus

    We take care of everything to do with salaries, including insurance and labour law. Transfer the total salary costs to us and we will pay the salaries, OASI and insurance contributions from it.

With just 4 clicks in our salary calculator, you can calculate the total salary costs.

You transfer this amount to PayrollPlus and we pay the salaries, as well as OASI and insurance contributions.

  • We pay the salaries, so you benefit from our favourable collective insurances.

  • You no longer have to conclude your own insurances (accident, daily sickness allowance, pension fund).

  • OASI/AHV contributions, child allowances and any withholding tax are also settled and paid by us.

PayrollPlus founded in 1989

Best value for money of only 1-3% of payroll costs.

Digitalisation makes it possible. It is no longer up-to-date to hire a trustee, insurance advisor or lawyer for routine work.

Regardless of the contract model, we pay the salary

Take advantage of our free consultation to find the right model for you.

What makes PayrollPlus so special?

Salaries have been our great passion for over 30 years. We are the only company in Switzerland to offer three newly developed contract models (Smart, Freelance Contract and Flex) including online tools in addition to staff leasing. Take advantage of our free consultation, we will find the right solution for everything to do with salaries.

  • Everything from one source

    Salary payment, insurance, labour law

  • Only 1-3% payroll costs

    Digitalisation makes it possible

  • Unique online tools

    For orders from freelancers and salaries from companies and private individuals

  • Transparent salary calculator

    Calculates total salary costs with 4 clicks

  • Individual pension fund

    Basic, supplementary or individual solution

  • No routine work anymore

    We pay salaries daily and take care of everything from A-Z

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Feedback from our clients

«Friendly and very professional team, excellent support, easy cooperation. Highly recommend. I will definitely work with this company in the future!»

Dawid G.Freelancer

«Excellent. Very easy to work with. Fast, friendly, highly responsive and super helpful.»

Melissa R.Freelancer

«PayrollPlus have been excellent. The best payroll company that I ever had. They always pay latest 2 working days after submission regardless of what date of the month. Larissa Moser from start to finish supported me 100% with her clear detailed and transparent explanations on every relevant topic. I could not have asked for more. Thank you. Highly recommended.»

John P.Freelancer

«Fast, reliable, resilient, customer-centered, enjoyable to work with!»