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PayrollPlus Flex

The most flexible contract model with PayrollPlus

Are you working on a contractual basis with your client with no guaranteed working hours and looking for a simple solution for invoicing and and your own social security?
Then Payrollplus Flex is the right thing for you, with an innovative and easy online tool at your disposal.

Requirements for PayrollPlus Flex To use PayrollPlusFlex you have to meet the following criteria: 

  • You will enter into a contract/service contract with your client; the focus is on the fulfilment of the contract
  • You do not receive any instructions from the client and you are not subordinated to your client
  • You are not solely working on-site in the client’s offices
  • You can choose and plan your working hours independently
  • You are not solely working with material provided/owned by the client

If you are integrated to your clients organization or not able to fulfill the above points, then you have to chose the staff leasing model.

PayrollPlus online tool Invoicing and salary payment

You can add your clients, send invoices with your own logo and trigger your own salary payments.

“It has never been easier to get social security cover and to receive your salary within one tool.”

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Benefits with PayrollPlus

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Procedure PayrollPlus Flex

  • You negotiate the details with your client

    Invoice amount (per hour, day, month or fixed rate), framework details, NDAs etc.

  • You put together the contract/quote directly with your client

    State the following in the contract: ‘The invoicing will be done through PayrollPlus AG. There is no risk of false self-employment.’ Upon request Payrollplus may issue a simple order confirmation for the client.

  • Create a login for our online tool

    You can add your clients and send invoices as soon as your profile has been approved by PayrollPlus.

  • Invoice your clients via our online tool

    As soon as your client has paid your invoice, you will receive a notification email.

  • Hours of work report

    Add your worked hours to the time sheet online in order to trigger your salary payment.

  • PayrollPlus pays your salary within two working days

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