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PayrollPlus Smart

Simply clever

Your customer would like to conclude its own work contract but save themselves the hassle of dealing with the OASI declaration, Insurances etc.?
Then the PayrollPlus Smart contract model is the right thing for you.

Example: A smaller company (hairdresser, startup, joinery, commercial operationsetc.) often might not have the Knowhow to process the payment of salaries, would need to conclude its own insurances (sickday allowance, accident insurance and pension fun solution) and has never concluded an OASI declaration before. For many all of this feels far to complicated. They need to concentrate on their core business.

PayrollPlus offers an unique solution
With only 3% total costs we make live easy for these companies and take care of all salary payments, personell administration and the OASI declaration; the company remains your employer.

 PayrollPlus Smart

Your client concludes its own work contract with you.

  • We process the salaries and issue the payslips including the correct social contributions (OASI, pension fund, witholding tax etc.)
  • You benefit automatically from the collective insurances by ParollPlus (sick day allowance, accident insurance and pension fund)
  • PayrollPlus manages family allowance, sickday and accident cases etc./li>
  • We issue the annual tax revenue salary statement
  • PayrollPlus manages the annual declarations (OASI, accident insurance, sick day allowance, pension fund, CBA-enforcement costs etc.)

Benefits with PayrollPlus

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Sequence Payrollplus Smart

  • You agree the framework details with your client/employer

    Salary, degree of employment, contract duration etc.

  • Your client/employer issues their own employment contract and informs PayrollPlus about the details

    Please state the following in the contract: ‘Salary payments, insurance and social contributions will be delegated to PayrollPlus.’

  • PayrollPlus issues a registration confirmation

    Within this confirmation, PayrollPlus guarantees to process all payments and will make the salary payment to you as well the social contributions.

  • Salary payment to you

    You will receive your salary within two days of receipt of payment from your client. (it is prefereable that monthly salaries are paid by the 25th day of the month)

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