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Social protection for freelancers, contractors and consultants

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Becoming self-employed and setting up a company isn’t easy. Even before you can start issuing invoices, there are numerous hurdles to overcome.

For example, you need to decide on a legal structure, raise the necessary capital, arrange personal insurance (collective daily illness allowance, accident insurance, occupational pension provision), keep accounts and settle OASI, to name just a few. And as if that weren’t enough, you also lose your entitlement to unemployment benefits.

‘The social insurance and cover for all employees is an important key topic for the SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs), the federal council and PayrollPlus. As a consequence of digitisation, PayrollPlus has developed new, affordable and simple employment models and a salary payment tool. In the future there will be 500,000 freelancers, self-employed workers, companies and households profiting from PayrollPlus and therefore social security cover.’

Edgar Weber, CEO PayrollPlus, founded in 1989

PayrollPlus offers unique contract solutions

Issue your client invoices directly via PayrollPlus (staff leasing or PayrollPlusFlex). You’re thereby automatically insured (collective daily sickness allowance, accident insurance, occupational pension provision), we settle OASI on your behalf and you’ll also be eligible for unemployment benefits. Make your client aware that they will be invoiced by PayrollPlus. 

From an OASI perspective, your client never has any problems with false self-employment, illegal employment or financial dependence as PayrollPlus pays all employee and employer social contributions for you.

The online tool from PayrollPlus

Invoicing and salary payments

You can add your clients, send them invoices with your own logo and trigger your own salary payments.

Social protection and salary payment has never been easier

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Contract models from PayrollPlus

Chose your desired model. Please note the different agreements that need to be fulfilled for each model.


Staff leasing
(AVG: Arbeitsvermittlungsgesetz  – Staff Leasing Law)
PayrollPlus Flex
Contract/service contract (Code of Obligations)
PayrollPlus Smart
Employment contract (OR)
Focus is on the settlement of hours workedFocus is on the fulfilment of the contractYou wish to use your own contracts
Duration and level of employmentGuaranteedNot guaranteedGuaranteed in your own contract
Salary/remunerationGuranteed by youAgreed between you and contractor for performance of the contract/serviceAgreed in your own contract
Right to issue
Lies with the deployment companyLies with contractor, not youLies with you
Employment contractBetween you and PayrollPlus in accordance with article 19 of the AVGOn commission between PayrollPlus and contractorBetween you and employee
Adherence to labour
By PayrollPlusBy PayrollPlusBy you
Contract confirmation/agreementMust be signed by you in accordance with article 22 of the AVGBetween you and contractorBetween you and PayrollPlus; PayrollPlus handles salary payments, insurance, OASI/ALV deductions
Credit checkYour company is in Switzerland: you must be solvent

Your company is abroad: deposit to cover the salary costs

None – contractor can use the PayrollPlus online tool to send invoicesNone
Notice periods
  • Two days from first to third month
  • Seven days from fourth to sixth month
  • One month from seventh month onwards

Longer notice periods are possible

  • As agreed between you contractor
  • Between PayrollPlus and contractor: two days in trial period, then one month
Based on own contract, but at least in accordance with CO/NAV/CBA
Trial periodsThree monthsThree monthsThree months
Value added taxYes, on total invoice amountYes, on total invoice amountNo on salary costs, yes on PayrollPlus fees
Payment of salaryWithin two working days of receipt of approved time sheet; automatically on 25th day of month for monthly salaryWithin two days of receipt of payment from clientWithin two days of receipt of our payment; on 25th day of month for monthly salary

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«Fast, reliable, resilient, customer-centered, enjoyable to work with!»

Sebastian R.Freelancer

«Friendly and very professional team, excellent support, easy cooperation. Highly recommend. I will definitely work with this company in the future!»

Dawid G.Freelancer

«Excellent. Very easy to work with. Fast, friendly, highly responsive and super helpful.»

Melissa R.Freelancer

«PayrollPlus have been excellent. The best payroll company that I ever had. They always pay latest 2 working days after submission regardless of what date of the month. Larissa Moser from start to finish supported me 100% with her clear detailed and transparent explanations on every relevant topic. I could not have asked for more. Thank you. Highly recommended.»

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