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PayrollPlus vs.
Payroll, staff leasing companies

All Payroll as well as staff leasing companies in Switzerland offer only one employment model: Staff leasing according to AVG. However, what if the legal regulations from the personnel leasing AVG Art. 19 and Art. 22 are not practicable for freelancers or companies or cannot be implemented in an economically sensible way?

PayrollPlus starts right there and helps freelancers and companies 

For more than 30 years, PayrollPlus has had in-depth staff leasing experience and offers the staff leasing employment model. However, as a pioneer in employment solutions, we have recognized the changing needs of the labor market and have developed new employment models, advanced salary payment solutions and a digital & personal salary platform as a result.

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How exactly does PayrollPlus help freelancers who do not want to staff leased?

Freelancers, contractors and consultants receive an employment contract from us according to CO 319. Thanks to the unique online tool developed by us, freelancers can register clients, send invoices, enter work reports and then receive their salaries from us.
100’000 freelancers in Switzerland will work like this in the future, are socially protected and pseudo self-employment as well as economic dependency are excluded, because all are employed by PayrollPlus.


Why can PayrollPlus help small businesses, startups and households but other payroll and staffing companies can’t?

In staff leasing, the employment contract is concluded between the employees and PayrollPlus.

Small companies almost exclusively want their own employment contracts with their employees, as this is intended to strengthen employee loyalty.  

This is exactly where PayrollPlus comes in with its “Smart” employment model. The company concludes its own employment contracts with employees in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations.
Instead of processing and paying the employees’ salaries themselves – as well as making contributions to OASI, insurance, withholding tax, child allowances – the total salary costs are simply transferred to the PayrollPlus payroll platform. Then PayrollPlus automatically takes care of everything else and is legally obligated to settle the OASI, etc.
1.2 million potential employees in Switzerland will thus receive their wages from our payroll platform in the future.

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