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PayrollPlus vs. trustee

The fiduciary services and all the differences with PayrollPlus

Payroll processing via the trustee

The trustee prepares… However, you do not get rid of the work

Cost expenditure
In addition to your personal time: Each work of the trustee triggers costs, average hourly rate 250 CHF/hour

AHV registration and declaration
are prepared, the payment has to be done by you. Your company is subject to AHV control, usually in the presence of the trustee.

Wage statement and payroll
are prepared, the payment must be done by you

Accident insurance, daily sickness benefits insurance and pension fund must be taken out, who takes care of this? The trustee may be able to help you with this, but you have to take care of the payment.

Notification of the payroll
Annual accounts to insurances and AHV, who takes care of that?

Various other tasks around the salary
BVG entries and withdrawals, child allowances, withholding tax declarations for tariff calculation, interim earnings forms, etc. Who does all this work?

Payrollplus - Alles rund um den Lohn erledigt. Die digitale Lohnplattform für Freelancer, Firmen, Start-ups und Privathaushalt Auch genervt von allen Arbeiten rund um den Lohn? PayrollPlus - mit einem Klick werden Sie alle Arbeiten rund um den Lohn los!

Payroll processing via PayrollPlus

We don’t just prepare…  With us you get rid of all work

1-3% costs (depending on turnover and number of employees)

With our payroll platform you get rid of all work around wages – So you have time for the important things in life
Instead of processing and paying the wages of employees and freelancers yourself – as well as OASI, insurances, withholding tax, child allowances, the total wage costs are simply transferred to the PayrollPlus wage platform. Then PayrollPlus automatically takes care of everything else and is legally obliged to settle the OASI contributions.

All our advantages

You are relieved of all work related to salaries.

  • Inexpensive

    Only 1-3% costs

  • Salary platform

    Digital & personal

  • 4 contract models

    Unique employment solutions in Switzerland

  • Service

    Competent & multilingual customer service

  • Salary payment

    daily within 24h

  • Salary calculator

    Self-developed & transparent - everything calculated with 4 clicks