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Unique online tool for freelancers

Invoicing and salary payment for only 3% PayrollPlus costs

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Profit from the first and innovative online tool for salary payments and client invoicing for self-employed, freelancers, contractors and consultants.

Online tool users will be automatically onboarded to our collective insurances (Sickness daily allowance, accident insurance, pension fund).

Your benefits with PayrollPlus

There is no risk of false self-employment and the salary as well as the OASI contributions will be paid by PayrollPlus directly.

Calculate your salary now!

Invoice your clients directly through the online tool of PayrollPlus

  • Register your client in the online tool
  • Add your own logo for the invoicing of your clients
  • Create an invoice for your client and send it directly to your client via the online tool
  • Receive an e-mail once your client has paid the invoice
  • Trigger your own salary payment within the online tool

Contract and requirements to use the online tool PayrollPlusFlex

You have to be compliant with the requirements for the PayrollPlus Flex model. You will receive a commission based contract in order to use all features of the online tool. Benefit from transparent and fix costs.

Your salary is calculated from the invoice amount (excl. VAT) minus 3% PayrollPlus costs and minus employer, employee social costs.

Register with the online tool

  • Create a login

    (upper right corner in the menu bar)

  • Add our personal data to your profile and submit for approval

  • E-Mail confirmation as soon as we approved your profile

    You will not be able to send an invoice before your profile has been approved

  • Add your clients

    Enter the data details of your clients (abroad clients have to be approved by PayrollPlus in advance for VAT free invoicing).

  • Create invoices for your clients

    Your client receives the invoice by e-mail and you will receive a copy of the e-mail.

  • You will receive an e-mail as soon as your client paid the invoice

  • Trigger your salary as soon as you added your worked hours

    Chose all the paid invoices and generate your salary

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